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THE GUT gets a face lift

After weathering years of neglect and being right at the edge of collapse, the portion of Strait Street infamously known as THE GUT has finally been brought back to life by the VBL Group, in collaboration with Chris Briffa Architects.

In the last few days, the much awaited timber shop fronts installation has been taking place and is quickly nearing completion, with the final touches being completed as we speak, including the installment of the old shop names. From the White Star to the James Bond, the New York and the Mae West, all the shops have gone back in time to the more glorious days.

In the meantime, passionate Entrepreneurs, have been carefully selected to breathe life back into each outlet, which will make THE GUT the best entertainment hub on the Island. Surprises are not over yet, so follow this space to see what's next at THE GUT.

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