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Set over three floors on the corner between St. Christopher Street & Strait Street, 'N' Japanese Bistro is the entry-point to The Gut.  


N Japanese Bistrot is a Washoku restaurant following the Japanese tradition of Izakaya. The brain child of two talented Japanese chefs, Toru Imamura and Miyuki Sakamoto, N Japanese Bistrot wants to entertain their guests to a new food experience on the Maltese islands. The Japanese duo will be introducing traditional Japanese dishes as well as an element of subtle fusion twist.

Toru being the headchef, has worked for over 20 years in some of the best restaurants in Tokyo, from traditional Japanese to French and Italian. He is dedicated to his love for food and his mission is to create strong connections between people and cultures through the creation of amazing food. This is in fact the meaning of 縁 (to be pronounced «en»), the ideogram that gives its name to the restauant.


Miyuki Sakamoto is the well known and talented Itamae (Sushi Chef) who has been gracing us over the last years at the popular Gochi Sushi Bar in St. Julians, Malta.


Together, they present, N Japanese Bistrot, a place where to enjoy a new original experience for your taste buds.


Alchemy Bar, invites you for a unique mixology experience, never seen before in Malta where one can experience the mystical blend of high-end cocktail creations, tasty bites, dedicated quality service and outstanding design in the historic but totally revamped part of Strait Street, formerly known – also by the Mediterranean sailors; as “the Gut”. The Alchemy Bar features an exclusive and cozy ambience designed by a renowned, international, award winning designer. Cocktails are presented by the talented and passionate mixologist Attila Felhősi and his team.

Besides an exclusive bar area, Alchemy Bar also provides a special, fully separated, private room, dedicated to those who prefer privacy while enjoying some of the most amazing flavor combinations.

A hole-in-the-wall, which was supposedly a restaurant serving easy meals in it's heyday, will re-open its kitchen, this time to oriental cooking. The idea here is a sushi & noodle bar serving fast eats, take-away and possibly local deliveries.


With a kitchen & preparation are in the lower floor, and a sushi/noodle bar on the ground floor, space planning and efficiency will be high on the agenda. Simple, natural & contrasting materials will ensure that such a small space will not be too busy visually - with concrete, steel & wood designed more of a background to the colourful dishes on offer.


The small bar with colourful stories of naughty pleasures will retain both its original size and mission: although perhaps on different guilt scales. Set on two floors - one for serving and the other for storage & utilities - we are proposing a busy ice-cream & candy spot where once again quality and proficiency will be it's main tenants.


The focus is on natural & organic ingredients, and the interiors should follow suit. Soft lighting, natural timber work & smart signage will be as important as the packaging and branding.


Probably the most notorious and documented entertainment spot in the neighbourhood, the Silver Horse was named after Lone Ranger's horse, Silver. Known to many-a-sailor as the crucial late night stop, this was a place of live shows and alterative cabaret, and also home to the famous transvestite showgirl II-Bobby.


The largest venue of the lot, it can easily be planned to offer a variety of entertainment - from aperitvo hour to light bites, warm food and private dining, but also live shows on its petit-stage which still survives from its glory days. It's variety of small spaces, make it more of an intimate retreat partly underground and partly lit by natural light through skylights and vent shafts.


So the interiors here are envisaged as soft & quirky, bring together more of an alternative, leftfield cafe frequented by creatives & musicians for a long night out.


Picture beautiful, softly lit, antique and art filled rooms - reminiscent of the turn of the last century, brimming with anticipation, energy and atmosphere.

Hosted within is an extraordinary bar, serving the best drinks in town. Found in the heart of Valletta's night life and bar hub; 'The Gut' - yet tucked away from the madding crowd, upstairs from behind an imposing and always locked black door.

Ninety Nine Strait Street is a private bar open to a limited number of members, and their invited guests only.


We are currently accepting membership applications.


Previously called The London before the arrival of the American sixth fleet in the 60s, and probably also forming part of the Kennedy next door, this was another dodgy bar with wayward overtones. Its current layout has been altered to accommodate increased space on the first floor leading to its outdoor stage, which will be the main focus of Teatru Strada Stretta .


This will be the quintessential cultural spot of the street - with two stages (one internal & one external) set to be part of the Teatru Strada Stretta artistic program. We imagine it to be a very intimate venue, with live music, cabaret & theatre entertaining not only its patrons, but also the entire stretch of the street via its outdoor stage. Its artistic curatorship will be just as important as its interiors and its menus, and its internal layout will be designed with performers & audience in mind. Apart from dark and suggestive interiors, its success will depend on smart acoustics, dramatic lighting and, of course, a good sound system.


Probably named after JFK's assassination in 1963, this is an example of a common refrain in Strada Stretta: that of embracing American themes especially during the Vietnam War, which brought thousands of American sailors to Valletta on their way to and from South-East Asia.


The closest thing to a gastro pub, but higher on the contempo hipster scale; The Kennedy is the best place to be for premium Whiskey, Gin selection and Tapas in town. The Owner's of the establishment hand crafted the interiors with love of everything vintage, from the solid wood bar to everything hanging on the walls. Visit the Kennedy for a walk through time, reliving the days when Strait Street was the nightlife hub of the Med. 


Also called The Playboy, this one was named after the controversial American actress & singer well known for her burlesque performances in movies and on stage.


One of the larger venues of Teatru Strada Stretta, it's layout enjoys a spacious bar followed by a large hall with a high ceiling, with ample cooking & preparation facilities. There is also potential extra space on the first floor, which can be used for additional private diners or as offices.


The envisaged theme here is that of a high-end restaurant, serving refined dishes, possibly French cuisine. Its interiors will be bright, colourful with organic undertones serving patrons breakfast, lunch & dinner; with parts of the hall enjoying natural light from its skylights above.

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