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The Gut is back !

After over 50 years of neglect, thanks to a collaboration between Valletta Boutique Living, Stretta Craft Beer and Off Beat Music Bar, a number of bars in the lower part of Strait Street were brought back to life through a smashingly successful Craft Beer and Live Music Festival.

The event saw the likes of Hot Club of Valletta, Nadine Axisa, Kazinska, Swing Nuages and others perform live at the famous Silver Horse Nightclub. Several outposts set up in the Mae West and New York Bars were also present to engage the guests in various ways. The occasion was made memorable by a vibrant crowd of creatives, live music lovers and guests wanting to connect with the architectural beauty which this location offers.

Stay tuned for more as we will soon be releasing a video of the event. In the meantime, enjoy a few snaps from guests who attended the festival.

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