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Private Party

Rumours of a private party to be held at 99 Strait Street on Saturday 29th July, have been confirmed true, and even better, it's free, and even better than that, you are invited!

The venue is currently a building site, but take the opportunity to have a drink on the house, hear some great live music, and find out what to expect at 99, Valletta's first 'members only' bar, opening soon.

Everyone is welcome. Simply text your name to: 77018759 to be added to the guest list. You will receive a password by return, to be given at the door when you arrive.

This is strictly a private party. If your name is not on the guest list you can't come in!

Expect an evening packed with fabulous live roots music. Performers are flying in from the UK, Germany, and Italy, to join friends from Malta, for this special night.

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